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by: Dr. Terri Hawkins

The most unimaginable, despised and neglected part of the body, the colon, is the cause of wide spread, degenerative diseases in modern civilization. In the treatment of every chronic disease and acute malady, the colon must be considered. The average colon in civilized communities is in a desperately deprived and dangerous condition.

Colon Hydrotherapy, an effective method for cleansing the large intestine, has been utilized for centuries as an adjunct to proper exercise, plenty of water, nutrition and personal hygiene.


A few Colon Hydrotherapy sessions may reverse what could be a lifetime of neglect.

Colon Hydrotherapy is clean and relaxing. A soothing flow of filtered, temperature-controlled water gently circulates throughout the colon, coaxing your body to yield the digested toxins and waste that may have built up inside. Colon Hydrotherapy is an ancient, time-honored, gentle water cleansing of the colon. “Why cleanse the colon?”, you ask. “I never think about my colon. It’s the tail end of my digestive tract, for heaven’s sake”. “Sounds a bit gross, to tell the truth!”.

Well, think for a minute. If you’ve ever eaten junk food, fatty food, sweets, caffeine, soda pop, chemically treated and preserved foods, processed food, too much food, too little food, or, in fact, anything that modern culture deems edible, you will benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy.

If you’ve ever been upset, under pressure, depressed, confused, greatly disappointed, or just steamed at the jerk who cut you off on the freeway, you will benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy.

Unfortunately, we take better care of our city sewage system than our body’s. The fact is, just like the city sewer, the miraculous five foot tube we call the colon, or large intestine, determines whether or not the body is polluted. When the daily rigors and diets of modern life besiege us, the colon becomes the repository of accumulated plaque and numerous, unhealthy toxins, which may disable the body’s purification system. The useless material ends up reentering our body’s blood stream, getting deposited in our cells instead of passing on its way.

“Just a few Colon Hydrotherapy sessions may reverse what could be a lifetime of neglect!”

Talk about Toxic Waste! As a result, we feel and act far below our potential.

Colon Hydrotherapy: What is it?

Colon Hydrotherapy is referred to as colon irrigation, colonics, colon therapy, or high enemas. All these are names for colon hydrotherapy devices which use safe, filtered, temperature-controlled water for inner cleansing. It is the gentle infusion of filtered, temperature-controlled water, into the colon by way of a sterile, disposable rectal tube or speculum. Water in – waste matter flushed out.

What is the Colon?

The colon is the last (5) five feet of the digestive tract. It is a hollow, tube like organ made up of muscle structure that moves digested food along by a wavelike motion known as peristaltic action. The colon is the living area for a host of bacteria that produce vitamins, such as K and some B vitamins. The colon also absorbs water, nutrients, proteins and cell salts back into the blood stream.

How can cleaning the Colon help?

The colon is a reflex organ, meaning there are electrical connections to all other parts and systems of the body. When waste material has accumulated over a long period of time it breaks down and becomes toxic. The body responds by slowing down other functions. This causes constipation and sluggish bowel movements which affect all other systems of the body.

What signs show inefficient elimination?

The most miserable people on earth are people with inefficient elimination. Some of the signs of a toxic colon are: coated tongue, fetid breath, sallow complexion, abnormal body odor, dark circles under the eyes, cold hands and feet, brittle nails and hair, sagging posture (pot belly), tension, fatigue, allergies, indigestion, chronic headaches, irritability, nervousness, nausea, depression, asthma, and backaches.

What about water dehydration?

In addition to the normal amount of absorption taking place in the colon, the body absorbs extra water as needed at a rate the body sets.

Is the Colon the only organ that holds Toxic Waste?

No! Toxic Waste is found throughout the body. When toxins cannot be eliminated through the colon, liver, kidneys, perspiration or lungs, the body must store them in the tissue of the body.

Some favorite spots for storage are fat cells, joints, muscles, arteries, the liver and other organs.

If the lungs, liver, kidneys, and skin are also eliminative organs, then why is Colon Hydrotherapy important?

Colon Hydrotherapy works to soothe and tone the colon helping it to eliminate more efficiently. The function as a whole reduces the burden on other organs and the lymphatic system which is our main line of defense against harmful bacteria.

Will laxatives or enemas accomplish the same results?

To clean out the lower part of the colon, enemas are fine. But, you are missing about four feet of the colon. Laxatives are an irritant to the body. Therefore, the body produces a thin, watery substance that goes through the colon and leaves behind impacted toxins and waste.

How is Colon Hydrotherapy different?

Colon Hydrotherapy is the gentle infusion of filtered, temperature-controlled water into the colon, which fills the colon allowing impacted toxins and waste to be removed.

Usually with an experienced therapist that has been certified to use an FDA Device, more toxins and waste can be eliminated by working the different meridians and pressure points, by instructing you on breathing techniques, diet changes and the importance of food combining.

What can I expect from Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy is not a cure, but a valuable procedure used to assist the body for a wide variety of different colon-related conditions. By re-toning the bowel wall & improving colon functions, the entire body is able to function more efficiently.

What other benefits may I expect from Colon Hydrotherapy?

Common effects may be: sinus drainage, a loosening of mucus in the lungs, improved range of motion, as well as skin tightening, feeling younger, posture automatically improving, abdomen softening and getting smaller, relief from headaches, less fatigue and improved bowel function.

The main benefit received by releasing the toxic waste is that we remove he number one source of disease in the body. The bowel works more efficiently in the elimination of waste, and nutrient absorption is improved.

Can you describe what a healthy, well-functioning bowel is?

When one feels the urge to eliminate and immediately honors the urge by a trip to the toilet, elimination is quick and painless and will feel complete. Stools are medium to light brown, have very little odor and will break up in the water.

What are the signs of a Colon that is not functioning properly?

When sufferers finally visit a physician, they usually relate a history of one or more of these complaints that go back years: constipation, coated tongue, fetid breath, sallow complexion, dark circles under the eyes, abnormal body odor, cold hands and feet, blood pressure up or down, brittle nails and hair, sagging posture (pot belly), tension, fatigue, allergies, indigestion, menstrual problems, swelling of legs, asthma, backache, and loss of memory or concentration.

How many sessions are recommended?

Many books written by medical doctors that have done research in this area recommend that a series of 12 colonics over a period of 6 weeks be done. The reason is for that is the human body is exceptionally smart. When we clean out the colon, the body starts pulling waste out of the tissue and putting them into the bold stream. The waste heads for the liver, then back to the colon.

Therefore, the second session on the second day is necessary so that the digested waste is eliminated rather than reabsorbed. The same reason applies to the following weeks.

Why is my medical doctor unaware?

Few medical doctors treat the whole person - they are specialist in a particular field. Their training is treating symptoms of disease. Up until about 1920, doctors had colon hydrotherapy devices in their offices. Then along came drugs, and from then on it was easier to prescribe.

Colon Hydrotherapy is gaining respectability and popularity. Since year 2000, many physicians that are members and /or certified with anti-aging networks are referring their patients for sessions.

Is there a danger from disease?

All Colon Hydrotherapy Devices should have been through rigorous FDA testing and inspections. Make sure the device you use is FDA approved. Most Colon Hydrotherapy facilities use disposable (one time use) nozzles or speculums.

What if I’m having my period?

Colon Hydrotherapy is perfectly safe during this time, and will probably decrease the cramps which accompany a period.

Can Colon Hydrotherapy improve the Bacteria balance in my body?

(1) One way is to remove the toxins so the beneficial bacteria has a cleaner house to live in.

(2) The second way is to reintroduce the Bifidus “Friendly Bacteria” is available at most Health Food Stores.)

What is meant by a better nutritional program?

It is the introduction of higher quality in place of lower quality nutrition.

Can you give an example?

If a person replaces a protein rich food such as beef, pork, or chicken - the beef may be considered the superior to pork, chicken is superior to beef and fish is superior to chicken, because of its more rapid digestibility and lower saturated fat content.

What is the best source of superior foods?

Lima beans, lentils, or chick-peas, which are eaten at the same meal with vegetables, are all superior in all the nutrients needed to rebuild health.

As we go higher in the scale of quality we begin to include protein rich foods which may be eaten in the natural state (RAW AND UNSALTED).

Can you summarize what you think about nutrition?

The closer the food comes to the natural state in which it occurs, or the closer we come to its raw un-fried form the higher its quality. In this condition all the enzymes are found intact. The amino acids are in their finest form. The minerals, vitamins, trace elements, carbohydrates and life forces are present. The life force, in turn is capable of reproducing Healthy Tissue.

How else can I improve my nutritional program?

One of the most important things you can do is to omit toxic substances such as coffee, processed chocolate, regular table salt, pepper, alcohol, and over the counter drugs, and synthetic vitamins.

What is the relationship of quality foods, and Colon Hydrotherapy to recovery from illness?

The higher the quality of food we eat, the quicker we recover from most disease; provided we are able to digest and assimilate it properly.

To this must be added the knowledge of:

(A) Proper food combining

(B) Proper order of eating the different kinds of food at a meal, and

(C) A clean colon for proper absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste.

What are the signs or symptoms when we first begin to omit toxic substances and begin to clean out the colon?

When a regular diet of stimulates such as coffee, processed chocolate, and others are eliminated from your diet, some clients comment about headaches, and let down and sometimes even mild depression. This is usually when cleansing of the Colon helps. That is why Colon Hydrotherapy is recommended with back to back sessions for a period of six weeks.

Why do the symptom or signs happen?

This is due to the discard by the body of the toxins which are removed from the tissue and then transported by the blood to the liver and then the colon for eliminations.

All the symptoms generally pass by the third or fourth session of Colon Hydrotherapy. Clients often tell me their energy level is very high after the second session. Many even have a great desire to Spring Clean!

Is Colon Hydrotherapy habit – forming?

Colon Hydrotherapy retrains the muscle or the bowel to regain strength. After 12 or more sessions, many people regain the normal bowel function of one movement per day. A healthy bowel may have two to three bowel movements a day, depending on what you eat. Trouble is usually first recognized by an individual as constipation or diarrhea. These danger signs along with foul smelling stool and gas may be overlooked. Golden brown used to be considered the normal color, but now that vegetables are recommenced, the color reflects the vegetables.

During constipation, you may observe a darkening of the stool because of the much longer transition time in your system. The colon will distribute the results of decay, fermentation and putrefaction into the blood.

If I have some of these conditions, will I benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy?

More than likely, considering many people have shown remarkable improvement. Once the colon is cleansed, the bowel may begin functioning normally. Toxins will stop being distributed into the body and will begin being expelled. The benefits can be wonderful once a dysfunctional colon is given a chance to function properly again.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy painful?

An impacted colon can cause discomfort, and cramping may occur as the colon contracts to expel waste. Once the major impaction is removed, many actually find a session pleasant.

Is it embarrassing?

NO. Your dignity is completely maintained with proper draping in a private room. The odor during your bowel movements does not exist with a FDA Registered Colon Hydrotherapy Device!

What should I do before a session?

Some may feel more comfortable to refrain from eating one hour before your scheduled appointment, but most will have no problem whether they eat or not. Drinking lots of good water and juice is a great idea.

After a session, how might I feel?

Most people remark on how clean and light they feel. “Like I just took a bath on the inside!”

Increased energy and feelings of well-being are the common responses.

Will Colon Hydrotherapy help even though I have suffered from constipation for a long time?

According to Dr. John Kellogg, M.D., founder of Kellogg Cereals. “The cause of a disease so universal in civilized communities must be very numerous to produce this condition in so great a number of people living under many different conditions and with different habits of life. In general, it may be said that the cause of constipation are abnormal habits or conditions of life, the result of what we call civilization. Primitive man rarely suffered from constipation!”

Dr. Kellogg said adults are more likely to suffer from constipation than children, although the malady begins early in life. He further states that women are more subject than men to intestinal activity. In fact, he said four-fifths of all women suffer from constipation from their youth onward.

Briefly summarizing:

The several acts by which the colon empties are:

1.) Contraction of the diaphragm occurs in deep breathing.

2.) Contraction of the abdominal muscle.

3.) Pressure of the thighs against abdomen. (As in squatting position assumed by primitive man.)

4.) Reflex contraction of the abdominal muscles.

5.) Contraction of the colon.

6.) Relaxation of the anus.

7.) Contraction of the levator-ani muscles.

Any influence which interferes with a single one of these may cause constipation!

Will Colon Hydrotherapy affect the bacteria that resides in the colon?

In the early part of the century it was found that more than one hundred and sixty different species of bacteria have been found in the colon.

Of these, more than one-third were found to possess pathogenic, or disease-producing, properties.

Dr. Kellogg, M.D. points out more than twenty species of putrefactive bacteria which are found in the stool of flesh-eaters, all of which produce very highly toxic products.

One of the most common and abundant of these is the bacillus of Welch which produces enormous quantities of offensive gas and highly active poison.

How much time is requires for a Colon Hydrotherapy session?

The first session may take a little longer than the follow up sessions. The actual time on most FDA equipment is between thirty and forty minutes. After the first session, the body will know what to expect and become more relaxed.

What about the water used?

FDA Registered Equipment will provide the necessary charcoal filtration system and ultraviolet purification units for you water safety.

What kind of diet shall I follow after getting a Colon Hydrotherapy session?

After receiving Colon Hydrotherapy, we have experienced that it is important to:

1.) Drink plenty of liquids (purified water, juices, herb teas, and electrolyte liquids).

2.) Eat healthy salads, raw foods, yogurt, keifer, steamed vegetables, whole grains, and raw fruit are sufficient, chew very thoroughly.

3.) Reduce flesh consumption. (Especially beef, pork, and chicken.)

Will only one session do the job?

One session will empty part of the colon. As many Doctors have written in articles. The recommendation is two sessions a week for six weeks. The research shows this to be the most efficient way of cleansing the colon.

After completion of all twelve sessions, most clients return every month, or couple of months for maintenance purposes. You will determine when to return.

What effects will Colon Hydrotherapy have on my skin, allergies, etc.?

Many clients have reported that Colon Hydrotherapy has cleared up acne and allergies, as well as asthma. They also have increase in energy, and claim to feel calmer. Colon Hydrotherapy is not a cure, but a valuable procedure for a wide variety of many health problems. By re-toning bowel muscle and improving bowel elimination, we remove the number one source of disease in the body.

In addition, we open up the bowel to a more efficient means of waste elimination and nutrient absorption, both of which are essential to any lasting healing process. This is also the first step towards normalizing the bowel so that the friendly bacteria will return to keep the colon safe from putrefaction and any further autointoxication.

Does Colon Hydrotherapy affect the electrolyte balance in the body?

The confusion about electrolyte depletion in Colon Hydrotherapy seems to stem from one of two concepts. The first being that a large amount of waste is equitable with diarrhea or vomiting, and the second being that the body is being flooded with water, washing out or diluting the electrolytes, as in water intoxification.

Does electrolyte balance affect diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a result of the lining of the colon secreting large quantities of water and electrolytes in response to a chemical reaction. The water and accompanying electrolytes come from within the body, draining from the blood, tissue and cells. Diarrhea is also the result of rapid peristaltic action, which causes a drain of ions to the muscles of the colon. Colon Hydrotherapy does not pull water from the body or irritate the bowel. A Colon Hydrotherapy session and diarrheas are not similar.

Will the electrolyte balance be changed?

In the 1989 study – “Effects of Colon Hydrotherapy on Serum Electrolytes” conducted by National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, OR., NO patients experienced any clinically significant symptoms or disturbances.

Fluid & Electrolyte Mineral Balance

Since excessive diarrhea causes loss of minerals and body fluids, one might assume ColonHydrotherapy may also. Let’s see the differences:

Body Fluids: Diarrhea causes water loss without replacement. Colon Hydrotherapy allows an exchange of fluids, rehydrating instead of dehydrating.

Mineral Balance: As with regular bowel movements, there is some mineral elimination. These minerals are easily replaced at the next healthy meal. In everyday life there are many common causes of electrolyte mineral loss such as the use of coffee, alcohol, diuretics, medication, poor eating habits, stress, even perspiration.

Therefore, the recommendation is potassium-rich foods such as sunflower seeds, bananas, potatoes, oranges, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, etc. and adequate fluid intake daily.

Consider this: the kidneys & the liver are the organs in charge of balancing minerals. They become overworked by intestinal intoxication. Isn’t it safe to believe that detoxification would facilitate and even improve their abilities to manage and utilize minerals?

Intestinal Flora of “Friendly Bacteria”

Favorable bacteria (flora) are always present throughout the small & large intestines. Colon Hydrotherapy improves the bacteria “habitat” facilitating their reproduction and the multiplication. Antibiotics are the major cause of flora loss. We’ve all used them and /or regularly ingested them, perhaps unwittingly, in eating antibiotic-laden meat products, that re depleted of the necessary Enzymes to digest them.


V.E. Irons, graduate of Yale, a leading authority & specialist on colon health, “There is only one disease, and that disease is autointoxication, the body poisoning itself…I’m convinced that unless you clean out your colon, you will never regain vibrant health.”


James Wesley Wiltsie, M.D., author of many books on the Colon states: “the principle fact of free drainage is that infection tends to disappear when drainage is adequate, and in the absence of a feeder.”


Ron Kennedy, M.D. from California wrote that he is convinced, that the great increase in colon cancer over the past few generations is also due to autointoxication in the colon. He concludes that putrefying waste material causes autointoxication and leads to dangerous precancerous conditions in the colon. Dr. Kennedy connects the effects of toxicity to other ailments seemingly unrelated to the bowel. In his view, these are problems which, because of ignorance of a sick bowel as the root cause, medical doctors of all specialties find difficult to treat successfully. He says the prevention of disease begins with a Colon Hydrotherapy cleansing program!


Colon Hydrotherapy is NOT a cure-all, but may ease your pain. Within us, there is a power that controls the heartbeat, makes the blood flow, enables us to hear with our ears, and see with our eyes, controls the lungs allowing oxygen to enter our body as we breathe, and keeps brain functioning.

This strange power will renew diseased cells in any organ or part of the body which has gone haywire, it will cleanse the cells, purify the blood, give life to the digestive system and once again make life worth living.

It is believed that all forms of disease are due to the same cause!!!!! Autointoxication!

That means due to long term accumulation of toxic waste material in the body.

This toxic waste has been building up for years and years – due to our living habits. Improper health care of our bodies interferes with our nervous systems ability to handle worry, overwork excesses and abuse of all kinds.

Colon Hydrotherapy allows the body to be free or rid the body of Toxic waste. Our body is always striving for the ultimate goal no matter how ill we treat it and that goal is peace and balance of our mind, body and spirit!